Our Shop Services

  • Planing/ Ripping/ Cut to size $85 per hour ($25 minimum)
  • Laminating (table tops, wide boards etc.) $85-$95 per hour
  • Wide Planer 24” up to 50” $150 per hour ($100 minimum)

Many of our customers prefer to purchase their lumber “in the rough” which simply put is rough sawn, full thickness x random width boards. In order to prepare the lumber for use, the boards need to be “dressed” or “surfaced”. They need to be flattened (jointed/planed) and the edges need to be squared. We offer shop services to handle as much or as little of the process as you require. Our basic shop charge is $85 per hour and we will do our best to estimate the time required based on your needs.

Seldom do we offer shop services while you wait. Fortunately (for us) we are always busy in the shop and lead times can vary between a couple of days and several weeks depending on the scope and volume of work involved, please inquire as to current lead time.

Century Mill Lumber does not perform any millwork or cutting services on material that was not purchased at our store.


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