Clear Pine 1×4

Clear Pine 1x4 shorts - dressed 4 sides  ONLY $1.00 PER LIN.FT. *while supplies last

Dressed Material

We are now carrying dressed material! Check out the prices below. Hard Maple:  1x6 $5.25 per lin.ft. 1x8 $6.45 per lin.ft. 2x6 $13.45 per lin.ft. Red Oak:      1x6 $5.15 per lin.ft. 1x8 $6.45 per lin.ft. 2x6 $12.45 per lin.ft. Poplar:          1x6 $3.25 per lin.ft....

Round Guanacaste Slabs

We have new shipment of Guanacaste slabs from Costa Rica! This time we received all round 3" slabs, perfect for coffee tables, sides tables and some are even large enough for dining room tables! Priced at $19.00 per bd.ft. these slabs are ready to take home today!...

I saw the (new) sign!

After months of hard work, permits and finding time to complete the project, we are pleased to announce we have completed the new road sign! We hope this will make finding our location easier to find from the road. Thank you guys for your hard work on getting this...

Accent Walls Idea

We have recently received a new shipment of grey board & brushed grey board! It is all $5.95 per bd.ft.  This product comes in consistent widths, making it easier to install. Look below at how they have been used as accent walls! ...

A Turners Paradise!

We've got bowl blanks just waiting to be finished, only $25.00 per piece + tax. Check out our section of turning stock while your here! 🙂

Plywood Markdowns November 2016

Plywood Markdowns November 2016 *while quantities last – sheets sold as is - 4'X8' UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED  2 sheets – Maple 5/8” pre-finished G2S P.C. $84.40/ sheet 4 sheets – Maple ¾” pre-finished G2S P.C. $76.90/ sheet 4 sheets – Red Oak ¾” Rift Sawn, Cross Grain...

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