Prices as of July 2018. Prices shown are per linear foot. We strive to maintain current pricing on our website, however prices may fluctuate. Please feel free to confirm pricing and availability. No minimum purchase. Minimum lengths may apply.

Red Cedar, Ipe, Tigerwood


Western Red Cedar Western Red Cedar originates from the West Coast. It is a soft wood. Red Cedar is primarily used for decking applications however it is also used for boating applications, shingles for roofing and the tongue and groove product is used a lot to line interior porches, saunas etc.

Decking Material (All Dressed) 

1x4 $0.95

1x6x5’-6’ $1.29

1x6x8′ & 12′ & 16′ $1.29

1x6x8′-16′ T&G $1.65

5/4x6x8’-20’ $1.89

2x4x8’-16’ $1.49

2x6x8’-20’ $2.79

2x8x8′-16′ $3.95

2x10  $4.35

2x12 $7.00

4x4x8’-12’ $3.75

6x6x8’-16’ $9.35

6x6x20′ $9.60


6x6 $11.95

8x8 $22.75

1x6 T&G rough $1.45

Clear Dressed 

1x4 T&G $2.19

1x6 T&G $3.40

5/4x6 $3.99

2x3 $2.99

2x6 $6.99

Rough 1x6 $3.25


Tigerwood is a hardwood that can last up to 20 years plus with no treatment. It originates from Central & South America. It is used for decking material or (what seems to be a new trend) horizontal fencing.

Decking Material 1x6 $3.95


Ipe is the toughest, longest lasting, fire proof lumber on the market. It can last 25 years + with no treatment. It originates from Brazil. If you choose to let Ipe weather it turns a nice silver patina.

Decking Material

5/4x4 $4.10

1x6x8′-14′ $5.10

1x6x16′-20′ $6.00

1x8 $8.55

5/4x6x8′-13′ $6.15 with a groove

5/4x6x14’+ $6.65 with a groove

2x4 $6.60

2x6 $10.75

2x8 $13.35

4x4 $16.05

Decking Clips $135.00 (covers approx.100 sq.ft. depending on joist spacing)

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